Artifact Donations

Artifact Donations

The Aviation History & Technology Center is honored to be a permanent repository for donations from the community.  Your donations will be added to the AHTC collection of artifacts, memorabilia, and other objects related to the aviation and military legacy in the local area.  AHTC places tremendous value on history’s “things.”  Artifacts of all shapes, sizes, and conditions are the essential visuals that complement the stories of our neighbors and friends.

Due to limited space and resources, we abide by a mission, and collection policy, set by the Board of Trustees.  In general, the museum prefers items closely related to aviation and the military in Cobb County, including:

  • Bell Aircraft Corporation, and all aircraft and personnel related to local manufacturing
  • Lockheed/ Lockheed-Martin, and all aircraft and personnel related to local manufacturing
  • Rickenbacker Field/ Marietta Army Airfield/ Marietta Air Force Base
  • Dobbins AFB/ Dobbins ARB, including all aircraft, units, and personnel stationed locally
  • Naval Air Station Atlanta, including all aircraft, units, and personnel stationed locally
  • Clay National Guard Center, including all aircraft, units, and personnel stationed locally
  • Navy and Marine Reserve Units, Georgia Air National Guard, Georgia Army National Guard, or any other military units and personnel from any service branch within a 20-mile radius of AHTC
  • McCollum Field/ Cobb County International Airport
  • Aviation and military items connected to local residents, although they may have been stationed elsewhere

In addition,

1.        All donated items are accepted on a conditional basis, with a final decision subject to an evaluation by museum staff.

2.        Items accepted as donations are documented with a written “Deed of Gift” from the museum to the donor once the items are added to the museum’s inventory.

3.        Museum personnel cannot provide appraised values, whether as a donation for tax purposes, or otherwise.

4.         Items must have clear ownership and not be subject to claims by any other party.

5.        The museum is not required to make any commitment as to display or usage of the item.

6.        The donor expects no compensation, goods, or services in exchange for the gift.

7.        The museum prefers to have a biographical or historical lineage to accompany items, but it is not required.

At no time do we want to see historic artifacts discarded and will try to assist you with finding a more suitable organization for items outside our collection guidelines. In some situations, we may consider accepting items outside of these guidelines for relocation to other museums, special exhibitions, or for fundraising campaigns to benefit the AHTC collection.

We sincerely appreciate your consideration of an artifact donation to the Aviation History & Technology Center and pledge to be the best stewards possible for your treasured items.

Please complete the  form so that we may contact you and set up an appointment for your donation.

L-1329 JetStar

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