Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship

Annual Events available for sponsorships

Airplanes and Aircrews                              2nd Saturday in March

FreedomFest                                                   July 4th

Top Gun Movie Night                                   2nd Saturday in August (August 14, 2021)

First Responder Appreciation                Saturday closest to 9/11 (September 11, 2021)

Iron Eagle Movie Night                               Last Saturday in September ( September 24, 2021)     

Wings and Whitewalls Car Show          2nd Saturday in October (October 9, 2021)

Veteran’s Appreciation                               Saturday before Veteran’s Day (November 6, 2021)

Thanksgiving Weekend Movie Night   Saturday after Thanksgiving (November 27, 2021)


For more information, email info@AHTC360.org.

Event Sponsorship
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