Marietta Middle Schoolers Soar to New Heights


Students from Marietta Middle School participated in a series of educational sessions at the
Aviation History and Technology Center (AHTC) to gain a deeper understanding of the
physical science concepts they are exploring in the classroom and how those concepts are
applied to aviation.

From September 19 to September 21, over 250 students focused on the basics of aviation
and naval carrier operations. These programs were designed to engage the students in the
practical application of Newton’s laws and dynamic principles of energy.
“Our partnership with the middle school helps to continue a long-established aviation
legacy we share with our community and we couldn't be more pleased to be involved in this
content-based instructional program,” stated Brad Hawkins, Director of the AHTC. “Building
a closer relationship between the local school districts and AHTC plays an important role in
helping to preserve our aviation history while at the same time promoting its future with
young students who hopefully one day will become scientists, engineers and physicists,”
said Hawkins.

The students were introduced to the basics of a number of physical laws and properties of
flight critical to understanding how engineers design and build aircraft. Included in the
program were briefings and practical hands-on exercises meant to engage students in a
fun and thoughtful way. Instruction sessions covered topics such as the four principles of
flight (lift, thrust, gravity, drag), the physical laws that govern each principle, the difference
between potential, elastic and kinetic energy, and how the transfer of each form of energy
is applied to naval aircraft carrier operations. The students were then asked to not only
perform experiments with model “sleds” to simulate air carrier launch operations but also
how to calculate the surface area and wing loading of a number of aircraft at the museum.
As part of the development of this ground-breaking training session, the AHTC conducted a
number of training and practice sessions for its volunteers, many of whom are military
veterans and aviation enthusiasts. Together, they created content that would be both
interesting to the students and also align with their classroom curriculum. “It is a thrill to be
providing aviation and science instruction to such an outstanding group of kids,” said Joe
Lorenz, a volunteer at the museum. “We of course have a passion for all things aviation and
airplanes and we couldn’t be happier to share that enthusiasm with some of our middle
schoolers,” Lorenz continued.

For the Marietta Middle School, this collaboration helps to bring science out of the
classroom and into the real world. “This is a great opportunity for kids and our community to see how we are working together to introduce important science and technology concepts
centered around aviation, continuing our community’s rich aviation heritage,” said Dr.
Keisha Kirkpatrick, K-12 Science Coordinator, and an early proponent of the program.

To schedule a training session, please please click the education program request link.

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