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To Our Community,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, staff, volunteers, and our dedicated friends, it is with great pleasure that I can introduce you to the Aviation History and Technology Center (AHTC).  Formerly connected to the Marietta Museum of History as “The Aviation Wing,” the time has come for us to take flight.  In doing so, we are re-orienting our mission, vision, and approaches to serving our community.  The local area is built upon, and continues to have the benefit of, an immense aviation and military presence.  These elements have become an integral part of the community.  They deserve preservation and reverence so that future generations will understand the foundations of our community.

Our mission is simple.  The Aviation History and Technology Center exists to honor local aviation and military history through education, preservation, and events.  As a community, the story has grown to include several major aviation manufacturers, multiple active and reserve military installations, tens of thousands of veterans, hundreds of thousands of individual stories, and immeasurable impacts all around us. To honor such a massive facet of our heritage is an ambitious goal, but is achievable through comprehensive planning, dedication to the mission, and continued support from the community.  A new strategic plan based upon listening to the community’s needs, adherence to established museum best management practices, and understanding operational capacities charts our course.  As part of our strategic plan, near-future priorities are focused on L.I.F.T. (Longevity, Impact, Facilities, and Team)

We are very excited about our future and hope that you share in our vision.  Our progress truly will be a community affair.  There are countless ways to help provide forward thrust and we would be honored to consider everyone a friend of the museum.  Over the coming months, you will begin to see our new branding, a new online presence, and new programs.  We appreciate your interest in our progress and welcome any input you may have. We would be delighted to introduce ourselves in person and elaborate on our future.  Please feel free to contact myself, our distinguished board members, or any of our passionate staff with your thoughts.

Best regards,


Brad Hawkins





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