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Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge: (Minimum 10 participants)

Participants learn the basics of aviation in an engaging and educational merit badge workshop.  This full day workshop provides a hand-on learning experience that meets or exceeds requirements set by the Boy Scouts of America.   The fundamentals of flight, aircraft design, model building and a tour of the 13 aircraft on site comprise this exciting session. Scouts rotate between stations led by museum staff and certified Boy Scout counselors.


Build a Model Airplane: (Minimum 10 participants)

For this ½ day session, participants will build a model airplane related to local aviation, conduct research through internet and on-site resources, and write a short summary of their chosen aircraft.   At the conclusion of the session, participants will share their model and findings in a presentation to the group.  All elements of the session will meet or exceed requirements established by national model building organizations.

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