On-Going Education Programs

On-Going Education Programs

Regularly scheduled and available on-demand

Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge

Participants learn the basics of aviation in an engaging and educational merit badge workshop.  This hybrid course consists of an online learning portion and guided tour of our facility’s 15 military and civilian aircraft to reinforce learning objectives.

The course provides a learning opportunity that meets requirements set by Scouts BSA for the badge. The fundamentals of flight, aircraft design, model building, aviation careers, and more are introduced in this exciting session taught by experienced aviation industry professionals and registered BSA counselors.

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Practical Applications in Aviation of Newton’s Laws and the Dynamic Principles of Energy

Aligned with Georgia Department of Education 8th Grade science standards, participants learn the basics of a number of physical laws and properties of flight critical to understand how engineers design and build aircraft.

Included in the program are briefings and practical hands-on exercises meant to engage students in fun and thoughtful instruction sessions covering topics such as the four principles of flight (lift, thrust, gravity, drag), the physical laws that govern each principle, the difference between potential, elastic, and kinetic energy, and how the transfer of each form of energy is applied to naval aircraft carrier operations. Museum tours are included in these exciting sessions taught by museum staff.

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