Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

2020-2022 Strategic Plan Initiatives


The Aviation History & Technology Center’s 2020-2022 Strategic Plan builds upon the mission, internal assessments, and input from stakeholders to prioritize L.I.F.T.

  • Longevity-Create a stable and sustainable platform
  • Impact-Increase the engagement and positive impact on the surrounding community
  • Facilities development-Create or enhance the physical spaces open to guests
  • Team building-Build relationships within the community that facilitate a professional environment, beneficial collaborations, and continual growth


L.I.F.T. Mandate #1


This mandate creates a stable and professional museum platform that facilitates continual growth, maximizes the impact of community-based resources, operates according to achievable goals, and ensures the longevity of the organization. In doing so, The Aviation History & Technology Center solidifies the perception of the museum’s structure, mission, vision, operations, and continuity to stakeholders and the community at large.


L.I.F.T. Mandate #2


The intrinsic value of a museum is determined by its contribution to the quality of life for its audiences and the economic impact for the community it serves.  To increase this value, it is essential for The Aviation History & Technology Center to increase engagement with the community and provide offerings that have demonstratable qualitative and quantitative impact for a 21st century audience.  In achieving this goal, the Aviation History & Technology Center will go beyond simply conveying information and will define our role and our subject matter’s meaning in the lives of our community members.


L.I.F.T. Mandate #3

Facilities Development

The Aviation History & Technology Center currently operates as an all outdoor facility, with thirteen major aircraft on display. In order to further develop value as a community asset, enhancement of the existing site is needed.  These developments include structures, infrastructure, exhibits, and all parts of the physical space that ultimately affect the guest experience.   The process is designed to be completed in phases, but part of an overall master plan.


L.I.F.T. Mandate #4

Team Building

Rarely does an aircraft lift off based on the efforts of a single individual.  From the military to the recreational aviator, every flight is built upon a team to design, test, manufacture, maintain, and fly the aircraft.  The Aviation History & Technology Center is a community asset, developed to serve the surrounding community with inputs from a diverse set of stakeholders.  To accomplish internal goals and satisfy the evolving needs of the community, the strength, cohesiveness, and adaptability of the team is critical. For the purposes of this mandate, “team building” is not limited to internal personnel.  A greater capability for community enrichment is facilitated by collaborations with similar organizations, invested individuals and other community entities.

Strategic Plan
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