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Weather Matters:

From the first experience of flight with a Styrofoam glider to the seasoned airline captain, weather matters. Outside of aviation, the weather is a regular consideration in our daily activities.   Attendees explore temperature, pressure, wind, precipitation and other components to understand how they are measured, how weather systems occur, and what impact each has on flight operations of all scales.


Sample alignment with Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE): S1E1, S2E3, S3P1, S4E2, S4E3, S4E4, S5E1, S6E3, S6E4, SM1, SM2, SM3 K-12 map and globe skills, K-12 Information processing skills.


The Shadow of Giants: (*Dual Purpose- Adaptable to guided tours)

Giants come in many forms.  Legendary community members, behemoth buildings, enormous aircraft, and far-reaching impacts are all highlighted through this in-depth exploration of the local aviation legacy.  Discovery of the local community’s exceptionalism takes place among thirteen aircraft and in the shadow of a major aviation manufacturing center.  This program is a comprehensive history of local aviation-related people, corporations, developments, government, and machines that have shaped our world as we know it, on both local and global scales.  Local aviation-industry professionals will complement the program with their experiences and answers to participants’ questions.


Sample alignment with GSE: SS2G1, SS3E2, SS5H4, SS5H5, SS5H6, SS5H7, SS5G1, SS5G2, SS5E1, K-12 map and globe skills, K-12 Information processing skills.


Flight-lite: (*Dual Purpose- Adaptable to guided tours)

Powered flight is based upon four central principles. Lift, weight, drag, and thrust have challenged everyone from the Wright brothers to the makers of today’s technological marvels. Students will learn what makes flight possible through participation in simple experiments and demonstrations of physics, airflow, gravity, and other scientific laws, then be challenged to seek out real examples of each among the 13 aircraft onsite.


Sample alignment with GSE: SKP2, S2P2, S4P3, S8P3, S8P2, S8P3, SP4, SS5H4. K-12 map and globe skills, K-12 Information processing skills.


Toddler Takeoffs: (*Dual Purpose- Adaptable to guided tours)

Participants in the monthly Toddler Takeoffs program will leave better prepared to take on early levels of educations, and possibly flight school!   Parents and preschool children use aviation as a gateway to explore shapes, colors, counting, simple directional indicators, numerical and alphabetical identification, social skills, mental aptitude and more.  Shapes, colors, letters, numbers, directions, and more are found and defined with the 13 aircraft onsite.  Social concepts such as individual roles, teamwork, confidence, military appreciation, and more are introduced through creative linking to aviation.


Sample alignment with GSE: SSKH1, SSKH2, SSKH3, SSKG2, SSKCG1, SSKCG2, and SSKE.


Lockheed Martin Engineering Tour:

This ½ day program is presented by current or former aviation industry professionals and highlights the many ways that engineering and testing contribute to the production of modern aircraft.  The session includes a guided tour of the engineering and testing facilities at Lockheed Martin, hands on simulations of testing procedures, and explanations of how engineering principles are continuing to push the limits of flight.   Covered topics will include aerodynamics, structural strength, material sciences, testing protocols.


AHTC Drone Academy

Drones are enjoyable and increasingly useful in the 21st century.  In order to ensure competent pilots in our community, AHTC is offering a beginner’s flight academy.  Students are required to complete an online STEM flight program and pass a proficiency and safety test before meeting in person to learn the basics of drone flight.  During the drone flight session, experienced drone pilots will cover equipment inspection, safe operating conditions, pre-flight checklists, launching, basic flight maneuvers, and landing.   For completion and receipt of AHTC Drone Academy credentials, participants must also write a one-page summary and pledge to conduct flights in a responsible manner in addition to meeting the criteria set by national drone flying organizations.


Robotics in Action:

Remote control objects are now commonly used in numerous roles beyond recreational use. Attendees will witness demonstrations of remotely operated robots by local law enforcement and businesses. Experts will explain how the robots function, what roles they provide, and the multiple benefits of usage.   Following the presentations, attendees will construct simple robots and use them to explore areas of the campus.  By completing a series of challenges, students will develop critical thinking skills and an understanding of how robotics apply to our daily lives.


The Modern Navigator:

Learn how to use tools from ancient China to those found in the backpack of today’s adventurer, including the compass, the sextant, natural indicators, Global Positioning Satellites, maps, and more. Designed as an outdoor “escape room”, a challenge course will place learners in situations requiring use of multiple methods to find the next waypoint and eventually the finish line. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of longitude, latitude, grid positioning, cardinal directions, teamwork, historical inventions, and simple operation of modern tools.


Sample alignment with GSE: S2E1, S2E2, S4E1, S4E2, S5P3, S8P5, SAST1, SS1G2, SS3G2, K-12 map and globe skills, K-12 Information processing skills.


Women in Aviation: (*Dual Purpose- Adaptable to guided tours)

Rosie the Riveter revolutionized women in the workplace over 75 years ago. Today, women are an integral part of the dynamic world of aviation. Whether piloting 5th generation military aircraft or building the next generation of commercial aircraft, the opportunities abound. Explore the challenges overcome, the contributions made, and the future possibilities that are waiting for the next generation of women in aviation.


Sample alignment with GSE: SS5H4, SS5H5, SS5H6, SS5H7, SS5G1, SS5G2, SS5E1 K-12 map and globe skills, K-12 Information processing skills.

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